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Exciting News!!!


We have renovated our studio!  If you have never been here then you can be the first to see the new changes. If you have been here before, please come back to see us and see the changes. Now offering "Theme Party" at BVP.  See more information under "Theme Party" class.  We love having you come visit at BVP, since we are a small business, please make an appointment for an upcoming class or to see the studio/gallery!   Thank you. ~Vanessa Baughman

"Couple's Pottery" class


Remember the movie “Ghost” back in the 1990's?  Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze changed everything about the way we think about a little dirt and water on a potter’s wheel.  It’s organic, it’s messy, and when shared with someone you love . . . it’s romantic and fun.   

If you are engaged to be married, newly married, seasoned married, dating, looking for something new, or just want to have fun, Couples Pottery can be a meaningful and invigorating experience using raw materials infused with playfulness. 


Prices per couple:
1 hr: $130 with 10-20 minutes teaching time and 40-50 minutes of couple's alone time

1.5 hr: $190 with 10-20 minutes teaching time and 70-80 minutes of couple's alone time

Each session includes: ~15 minutes of teaching time on the basics of wheel throwing. Then your instructor will give you and your partner personal time and space to enjoy the wonderful experience of creating art together.  Our desire is for you to create and customize a piece of pottery in an atmosphere of dimmed lighting, music, and privacy.  If you need further instruction or guidance, your instructor will be available as needed. This is your time to be quiet and romantic or fun and spirited.  Included in the package is 1 pottery piece you make to take home (can be picked up in 2-5 weeks, this is to allow drying, firing, glazing, and firing again.  If you want more than one pottery piece you make there is a $10 charge/pot to cover glazing and firing costs).

Please submit your contact info on the Couple's Pottery Submission Form below.

Couple’s Pottery at our studio is designed to help foster deeper and authentic connections in relationships.  It is NOT an opportunity to explore sexual experimentation.  Nudity and sexual activities are strictly prohibited. 

Couple's Pottery Submission Form

"Personal Pottery" classes


Have you ever wanted to have a teacher focused just on what you're making and available to answer all your questions, this is the class for you?  Personal Classes are one on one with me, Vanessa. You get the personal attention your wanting instead of being shared with 20 people or more.   The class is for 1-3 people for a private lesson.  This allows  one on one time for teaching any technique you're interested in.  If you choose to have 2-3 people, hand building techniques only will be taught. Classes are custom tailored to meet your needs.    

This class has a 2 class minimum because after you make the pottery in the first class, it needs to dry & be fired in the kiln.  The last class will be glazing.

  If you are a first time customer for classes with BVP and are interested in taking this class and booking online you must choose the class option 

  "Personal Pottery Package"

 *First time customers only.

Prices for 1 individual: 

1 hr: $65
1.5 hr: $90
2 hr:$120
Prices for 2 individuals (per person):

1 hr: $90 ($45)
1.5 hr: $135 ($67.50)
2 hrs: $180 ($90)

Prices for 3 individuals (per person):

1 hr: $120 ($40)

1.5 hr: $165 ($55)

2 hr: $210 ($70)

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"Girl's Night Out" or "Bachelorette Party" class


Want to do something different to relax, have some fun, laugh, and engage with your friends?  This is a great class for you at any age! I try to custom tailor the class to fit exactly what you are looking for.  Ages can start as young as 5 yrs old. 

Choices are pinch, coil, and/or slab hand building techniques.

Party class sizes are a minimum of 4 and a maximum 6 people.

Prices per person

1 hr: $30

1.5 hr: $50

2 hr: $70

NOTE:  For booking, one person has to pay for the entire party.  

Glazing will be done myself, you will pick out your glaze colors.  You may expect pick-up within 2-5 weeks of class.

Note: If you choose to make a medium to large piece there will be an extra glaze fee of $10-$15 depending on the size.

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"Theme Party" August 25th 6-8pm


Not sure you'll have the inspiration to know what to make with pottery in a regular class or you don't have enough people to sign up for a "Party Class"?  Both can be solved with our new "Theme Night" class.  Every class will have a theme and I will teach you how to make it.  Each class will have a sign up for up to 6 people.  Each person has to sign up individually.   Please scroll down the page to see the photo gallery of upcoming Theme Night pottery pieces.  Each month will have a different theme.

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