Why do you close in fall & winter?

The studio is located in an outside shed with no heat.   We want our customers comfortable while doing pottery & the cold temperatures do not allow that even with space heaters.  And the biggest reason is inorder to operate the kiln, which is what fires the pottery,  the outside temperature needs to be above 50 degrees.  We will reopen in the spring when the outside temperatures are above 60 degrees and comfortable for classes.

What should I wear?

Dress in clothes you do not mind getting dirty.

Is there A/C or heat in the studio?

The studio is air-conditioned and heated when needed.


Sorry! There is no public bathroom, so please go before class. The closest restroom is 1 block away.

Which class offers wheel technique?

The class options are "Couple's Pottery" or Personal Pottery class ( 1 person only.)

If you choose a Party Class or Personal Class (2-3 people), everyone must choose the same hand buidling technique from the following (coil, pinch or slab) .

Do I need previous experience to participate?

No. Any level from beginners to advanced is welcome!